2018 Welcome Coordinators 

Welcome Coordinators will now be the lead facilitators of Kick-Off Clemson. The Welcome Coordinator role allows student leaders the opportunity to supervise and manage Kick-Off Clemson including the facilitation of homerooms agendas.

Applications are currently closed. 


  • A desire to be part of a team and make a positive influence on new Clemson students

  • Must demonstrate peer mentoring and supervision skills

  • Must demonstrate ability to coordinate, design, and implement large scale events and trainings

  • An ability and desire to effectively instruct to large audiences in homeroom agenda

  • Must have previously served as an Welcome Leader

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required (prior semester and cumulative)

  • Must attend Clemson University in Fall 2017

  • Be currently free of any academic or disciplinary probation as set by the Student Code of Conduct, the Academic Integrity policy, and the Housing Contract (verified through the Office of Community and Ethical Standards)



  • Be able to attend monthly meetings February-April

  • Develop and implement Welcome Leader trainings throughout the spring and summer

  • Manage and design materials needed for Welcome Leaders (shirts, schedules, forms, etc.)

  • Serve as a resource for your Welcome Leader group throughout Kick-Off Clemson

  • Volunteer in Move-in Weekend, and help facilitate Kick-Off Clemson activities and evening events

  • Be knowledgeable of the Kick-Off Clemson schedule and student requirements for CU 1000



  • Be positive and appropriate. As a Welcome Coordinator, it is your responsibility to facilitate a homeroom agenda for approximately 150 students. We expect you to effectively communicate what the students need to know before starting classes (academic calendar, requirements, further instruction for Kick-Off Clemson events, etc.) We also expect you to speak about your experiences to get the group excited for the start of their semester. Though we recognize you may not love everything about Clemson, we expect you to reframe questions with a positive spin. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will set the tone for the group.

  • Talk about your experiences. We want students to hear your story. Take advantage of your homeroom time to speak about the opportunities that are here at Clemson University. However, we ask that you do not wear group-associated gear. We want students to remain open to the many opportunities Clemson has to offer. Talk to your students about their interests and help direct them to involvement opportunities that might be a good fit for them. 

  • Implementation & Planning. We want Kick-Off Clemson to be a program for students from students. While many of the events and activities are already planned from our campus partners, you are expected to staff these events with Welcome Leaders and shape what our program’s events will look like (Welcome Rally, Welcome Leader Training, & Homeroom Agenda).

  • Participation & Attendance. While you will be supervising Welcome Leaders instead of new students, we still expect you to attend and participate at every mandatory Kick-Off Clemson event. We expect you to be accountable for your Welcome Leader groups to ensure that every student has equal opportunity to be at each event.


Commitment Dates:

February-April :: One meeting per month to work on WL scheduling, swag items, logistics

March :: 2018 Welcome Leader Recruitment

August 16-18 :: Welcome Leader & Kick-Off Clemson Training

  • Welcome Leader training is a fun and dynamic process where you get to present training on the role of the Welcome Leaders, the Kick Off Clemson program, and the greater freshman experience!

August 19 :: Be a Move-in Weekend Volunteer

  • We will organize this process on your behalf. If you'd prefer to be a move-in weekend volunteer with another organization, please let us know.

August 19-22 :: Kick Off Clemson Programming

  • There are a variety of required Clemson Connect programs that all new students need to attend. Welcome Coordinators troubleshoot problems and issues related to Welcome Leader groups finding their way to the locations and making sense of the new materials.

Continued Support and Leadership to the Welcome Leaders through the Fall Semester

  • We ask our Welcome Coordinators to continue to check in with their assigned Welcome Leaders for the first six weeks to ensure that Welcome Leader responsibilities are being completed (email reminders to students, troubleshooting questions/concerns from students, & helping students effectively locate campus resources)


Early Move-In

  • Welcome Coordinators are provided access to early move-in for on campus living. If you would like to be given early move-in access please check the appropriate box below.

Application Timeline:

  • Application opens January 10th
  • Application closes February 16th
  • Welcome Coordinator Selection: February 20th