Welcome Leaders are essential to Kick-Off Clemson and provide support and guidance to incoming freshman and transfer students during their first six weeks on campus. Students are strongly encouraged to register who are eager to create new connections, help new students transition to Clemson and create memorable experiences.

Forms are due Wednesday, April 18th at 11:59 P.M. ET.


  • A desire to be part of a team, make a positive influence on new Clemson students, and take pride in Clemson University
  • Must have completed at least one full academic semester at Clemson University
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required (prior semester and cumulative)
  • Must attend Clemson in 2018 fall semester
  • Be currently free of any academic or disciplinary probation as set by the Student Code of Conduct, the Academic Integrity policy and the Housing Contract (verified through the Office of Community and Ethical Standards)


  • Positively impact the transition of new students to campus
  • Develop a broad understanding of Clemson University
  • Create lasting relationships with fellow Welcome Leaders and new students
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Excellent experience for your résumé
  • Opportunity to share your love and excitement for Clemson
  • Great way to give back to Clemson University

Tentative Responsibilities

  • Facilitate a small group (15-20) of new Clemson students during Kick-Off Clemson
  • Serve as a resource for your student group throughout Kick-Off Clemson and into the fall semester
  • Volunteer at Move-In Weekend and help facilitate and participate in Kick-Off Clemson activities and evening events
  • Be knowledgeable of the Kick-Off Clemson schedule and student requirements for CU 1000
  • Attend the Welcome Leader trainings and development series 

Commitment Dates

We expect Clemson Welcome Leaders to commit to the following dates and programs to best help the incoming class succeed! As volunteers we request that you confirm to the dates and programs below. I have reviewed my calendar and I'm available to volunteer for the following dates: 

April 18 :: 2018 Welcome Leader Sign-up Forms due
Forms are due  Wednesday, April 18 to sign-up to serve as a Welcome Leader for this fall!

August 17 :: Welcome Leader & Kick-Off Clemson Training *
Welcome Leader training is a fun and dynamic process where you get to know fellow Welcome Leaders, understand the Kick-Off Clemson program, and the greater freshman experience!

August 19 :: Be a Move-in Weekend Volunteer  (8 AM-4 PM)*
If you want early move-in benefits, you must sign up to be a Move-In Weekend Volunteer. This is optional as a part of your role as a Welcome Leader. We will organize this process on your behalf. If you'd prefer to be a move-in weekend volunteer with another organization, please let us know. 

August 17-22 :: Kick-Off Clemson Programming *
There are a variety of required Kick-Off Clemson programs that all new students need to attend (i.e. President's Picnic, Out of State Connections, Convocation, etc.). Welcome Leaders assist in students finding their way to the locations and making sense of the new materials. Programs are still tentative and will require participation most of the day.

Continued Support and Mentoring the New Students through the Fall Semester *
We ask our Welcome Leaders to continue to be a supporting mentor by sending six "check-in" emails and being a friendly face throughout the fall semester -- the new students are grateful to have upperclassmen mentors!

Welcome Leaders and Early Move-In *
Welcome Leaders are provided access to early move-in for on campus living. If you would like to be given early move-in access please check the appropriate box in the form below.