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What do Clemson Orientation Ambassadors do? 

A Clemson Orientation Ambassador is committed in providing an essential service to new undergraduate students and their families with their transition to Clemson University. The Orientation Ambassador role involves more than the summer orientation programs:

Leadership Development:

  • Orientation Ambassador Class [EDC 3900]: During the spring semester all hired Orientation Ambassadors must take this leadership and counseling skills course (3 credits / graded A-F). Orientation Ambassadors learn about trends in higher education and contemporary issues for college students, leadership theories, interpersonal communication, multicultural and inclusion, and topics relating to Clemson University.


  • Ambassador Staff Training: An intensive two week (1o days, weekends excluded) training about Clemson University. Orientation Ambassadors learn about the greater University system (policies and procedures, major academic and student affairs departments, and other services available to all Clemson students) that focus on the transition and retention of new students and their families/guests. Orientation Ambassadors also work closely with local, regional, and national sponsors who support Clemson, new students, and Orientation Ambassadors. 

The Work, The job, the service to clemson:

  • Summer Orientation Sessions: Orientation Ambassadors facilitate and lead groups of 15-20 new students, 8-10 groups, during 17 orientation program sessions in June, July and August. Orientation Ambassadors are an active and tremendously powerful resource. They are a Clemson University student who
    • Listens and addresses student and parent concerns;
    • Explains greater University policies and procedures, involvement opportunities, and departmental resources;
    • Conduct presentations and speak publicly to large groups;
    • Assist with the function and logistical programming of the orientation sessions and transition experience of all new students. 
  • Kick-Off Clemson | Clemson Welcome Week: Orientation Ambassadors also have a dynamic role in facilitating new students' transition to Clemson during the first week of classes. Orientation Ambassadors can transition to Welcome Leaders or Welcome Coordinators (who facilitate the planning, development, and implementation of Kick-Off Clemson/Welcome Week programs).
  • January Orientation: Orientation Ambassadors work a final Orientation session for new spring students during the first week of January before the semester begins. 

Who joins the Orientation Ambassador team? 

We seek to hire students who, as a team, will represent the full Clemson experience, interests, and activities of Clemson University students.

   Basic Qualifications:

  • Current Clemson University undergraduate student
  • Have at least one full academic year left at Clemson
  • 2.5 GPA (semester AND cumulative) 
  • Interest in leadership, communication, and customer development 
  • Willing to work autonomously and as part of a team 
  • Capable of working with diverse groups of people, leadership styles, and experiences 
  • Willingness to be challenged and grow from a dynamic leadership/team experience 

What's in it for you?

   An Experience to Remember:

Being an Orientation Ambassador is a leadership experience that networks you to peers, faculty, staff, and the greater university system. It truly is an experience that is difficult to articulate.  We're confident you will gain valuable experiences and skills in leadership, advising, mentoring, group facilitation, communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and a greater sense of autonomy, which will transfer to any future career related to any major. 

   Service to Your Peers & to Clemson University:

We have a motto as Orientation Ambassadors: "It's not about you." In other words, everything we do is about new Clemson University students, their families and guests, and greater Clemson community. As an Orientation Ambassador you will be able to engage all incoming students and their families to promote their goals, confidence, and transition to Clemson University. Orientation Ambassadors are one of the first formal interaction new students have with Clemson -- a powerful opportunity to create positive change and a way to give back to the institution. 


Finally, you will be one of roughly 35 other Orientation Ambassadors and part of the Student Transitions and Family Programs team! You'll have a dynamic experience creating long-lasting friendships with a deeply connected team. And, you'll learn a great deal about yourself, others, and the diversity of what it means to be a Clemson Tiger!


  • Stipend (2018: $2,000)
  • Housing provided through the summer program (May-August)
  • Meals provided during the summer program (Monday-Friday)
  • Orientation gear / clothing 
  • Surprise swag 

Learn more about the Orientation Ambassador Experience:

How does the selection process work? 


  • Application opens August 23, 2017 
  • Optional information sessions are provided throughout September (before applications are due)
  • Applications are due: Friday, October 6, 2017 by MIDNIGHT
  • First-round group interviews mid-October
  • Second-round individual interviews late-October/early-November 
  • Notification, late-October/early-November

   Application Process:

Applications are accepted during fall semester; offers are extended before winter break. Dates and information will be provided below at the beginning of every Fall-semester term:

  1. Completed applications are reviewed and screened for necessary requirements (see below)
  2. Individuals who meet the necessary requirements are invited for first-round group interviews
    • After you submit your online application and it approved, you will be provided a link to sign up for a group process time-slot. 
  3. After group interviews, a select group (roughly 50-70) are invited for a formal 30-minute individual interview
  4. 30-35 individuals will be offered a spot on the 2018 Orientation Ambassador team

More questions? 

  • How do you get more information? 
    • Attend the informational session on September 5, 7 or 13 in Hendrix! More information on TigerQuest!
    • Call Monday-Friday to the Student Transitions and Family Programs office and ask for Erin Mayor (Associate Director of Student Leadership), or Sean Callinan (Graduate Assistant of Student Leadership) at: 864-656-0515
    • You can email Erin or Sean at | 
    • Stop by the office at 902 University Union!
  • Can I work another job or take summer classes while be a Clemson Orientation Ambassador?
    • The Orientation Ambassador program takes on a full schedule Monday -- Friday during the summer. Some Ambassadors in the past have taken on weekend jobs; however, it would not be possible to have an additional job with hours Monday -- Friday. It is recommended that questions/concerns regarding this issue are addressed to the Associate Director of STFP.
    • Full summer courses are not possible. Any academic plans for the summer should be discussed and explored with the Associate Director of STFP. 

Contact us

Student Transitions and Family Programs

Division of Student Affairs
Clemson University
902 University Union
Clemson, SC 29634-4005

telephone: 864-656-0515